Barcelona attraction

You can consider Barcelona as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and it is certainly one of the most peculiar cities. It would be pleasant to spend several days there enjoying the architecture of Gaudi and the beat of Spain.

The primary tourist attractions of Barcelona are the Church of the Holy Family (Spanish: Sa-grada Familia), Ramblas Boulevard, and Catalonia Square, as well as Gothic Quarter, which is the center of Barcelona`s Old Town. You should find some time to have a stroll along the old winding alleys, as well as to visit the huge Cathedral.

Of course, architecture of Gaudi single out Barcelona from other European cities, making it attractive for tourists. Sagrada Familia is the most important work of Gaudi. He began to build it in 1884 (he was then 31), but construction was interrupted in 1926, when Gaudi tragically pe-rished under the wheels of tram. And the cathedral hasn’t been finished until nowadays. Sagrada Familia is very different from other churches, and similar to volcano, it amazes by its rich ornaments.

If you liked the cathedral, you should look at his other works, such as Park Guell, as well as two private houses, Casa Batllo and Casa Mila, also known as La Pedrera. Park Guell was commissioned by a rich industrial tycoon Eusebio Guell, which was fond of Gaudi and even proposed him to develop the entire suburban territory. Alas, these plans were fated to never come true, though Gaudi had time to plant a park there. And it is just there that you can see some pieces of Gaudi`s work made of ceramic tiles and mosaic.

Ramblas Boulevard span the central districts of Barcelona. This wide street planted with sycamores or plane trees is started at Catalonia Square and goes as far as the Embankment with a huge sculpture of Columbus. It is a favourite promenade of natives and tourists. The most curios section of the promenade is Ramblas San Jose near Boqueria Market.

Apart from above sights, Barcelona is also the center of renowned Costa Brava where you can have excellent beach vacations. There located a great number of fashionable resorts in the area, which are crowded with tourists all round the season. The most famous of them are Lloret de Mar, Blanes, Tossa de Mar, and Playa de Maro.

Also, it would be interesting to make a trip to Montserrat Monastery founded in 1025. It is located in the picturesque foothills of the Pyrenees. The monastery is the spiritual center of Cata-lonia and site of pilgrimage for all Catholics.

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Sagrada Familia Cathedral, built by Antonio Gaudi - the symbol of Barcelona
Two houses built by Gaudi, in front of the entrance to the Monumental area of the Park Guell, became symbols of Barcelona
The main entrance to the Monumental area of the Park Guell in Barcelona
The world`s longest bench (110 m) around the terrace in the Monumental area of the Park Guell in Barcelona
Antonio Gaudi lived in this house in the Park Guel in Barcelona for 20 years, now it is a Museum
The famous Salamander by Gaudi on the stairs in front of the entrance to the Monumental area of the Park Guell in Barcelona
The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia is the main temple of Barcelona, built in 1298
The main nave of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia in Barcelona is 40 meters wide
The Venetian towers and the National Palace on Plaza de Espana in Barcelona
Monument of their four ionic columns, symbolizing the four stripes of the Catalan flag, over the Plaza de Espana
La Rambla Boulevard is a favorite place for tourists and locals to walk in Barcelona
The facade of the passion of Christ of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, built after the death of Antonio Gaudi by the architect Jose Subirakis
The interior of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona is very impressive
Casa Mila in Barcelona - a masterpiece by Antonio Gaudi
Pipes on the roof of Mila house in Barcelona are made in the form of alien creatures
Casa Batlló and the House of Amala - two masterpieces in the Block of Discord in Barcelona
In the living room of the House of Batllo Gaudi did not make a single straight line, even on the ceiling
Towers of the 15th century fortress wall on the New Square at the entrance to the Gothic quarter in Barcelona
The bridge between the house of the Canon and the Government Palace in the Gothic Quarter is often called the Bridge of Sighs of Barcelona
The National Museum of art of Catalonia was established in 1990. It is located in the National Palace on Montjuic mountain
Magic fountain in front of the National Museum of art of Catalonia in Barcelona
Ornament in the form of the sun in the center of Square of Catalunya in Barcelona
The monument to Christopher Columbus near the old Port of Barcelona was built in 1888
Cascada fountain in the Park of the Citadel (Ciutadella) in Barcelona
The Rambla de Mar wooden bridge to the Aquarium, on the Barcelona Waterfront
Montjuic fortress, rising on a mountain above Barcelona
View of the Barcelona seafront from the Montjuic fortress
Gaudi exhibition center in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona
The Casa Amatller inthe Block of Discord in Barcelona was built in the Art Nouveau style by the architect Puig Josefa-and-Katafalk
Flamingo colony at the Barcelona Zoo