Beaches in Great Utrish

The beaches in the Great Utrish village are located in small bays that are protected from cold currents and winds. The territory of the Utrish Nature Reserve is located near the village, so the water here is very clean. People from Anapa often come to the beaches of Utrish if kamka algae appear in the water there. 

There are 3 beaches in Great Utrish, but most tourists swim and sunbathe on the Central Beach. This is a pebble beach about 300 meters long, equipped with the necessary infrastructure for recreation. Next to it is the famous (and very expensive) restaurant Fort Utrish, as well as a bay with a marina where expensive yachts are moored.  

On the other side of the peninsula there is an equally popular pebble beach "Utrish". Its length is also 300 meters, and it also has the necessary infrastructure for recreation. “Utrish” Beach is located in a closed bay, so there are no waves here.  Nearby on the high embankment there are several cafes offering fresh mussels and oysters from local farms. From this beach, the steep slope of the Canyon is clearly visible, where the most popular route through the Utrish Nature Reserve is laid.