Bodrum attractions

Turkey attracts tourists of all incomes and preferences from all countries of Europe. On the Aegean Coast there are a great number of resorts for both youth and older people with children. Night clubs are almost at every resort of Turkey, however, just Bodrum is considered to be the main youth resort of this country.

The development of this small resort town started 10 years ago after there was opened an international airport. Bodrum is on the coast of the Aegean Sea, 270 kilometers of Izmir. It is in the immediate vicinity of Greek island Kos. Bodrum is located on the former site of ancient city Halicarnassus.

In IV B.C. there ruled the king Mausol for whom a grandiose 24-step tomb was built with the height of 50 meters. The tomb was called the Mausoleum, and ranked among the Seven Wonders of the World. Since then the word ‘mausoleum’ became a common name of most tombs all over the world.

Unfortunately, the Mausoleum didn’t survive until nowadays (excepting some stones on a small site). Original sculptures of the Mausoleum (IV B.C.), while it was still there, were long taken away to the British Museum, and today the name ‘Halicarnassus’ is related there not to artifacts but rather to one of the largest discos in Europe. Although Turks believe it to be the largest disco in Europe, the Ibiza`s ‘Privilege’ is still larger than it.

However, there is no sense in comparing it to the clubs of Ibiza. The fact is that ‘Halikarnas’ is a giant open-air club with capacity of more than 5 000 people. It is located on the em-bankment opposite St. Peter`s Castle. At high season the club is overcrowded and daily DJs play music of different styles. Every Friday and Saturday there held the famous foam parties. With the help of specialized guns dance floors are covered with foam to the level of some 1.5 meters or more, so you will be able to dance in very close contact.

Apart from ‘Halikarnas’, there is another center of night amusements, so-called Bar Street. There are various bars, pubs, clubs and discos, as well as all other amusement places, on the street stretching for some 8 kilometers. The famous Cuba Bar is also there. There you can dance all through the night to the rousing Latin America tunes.

‘Catamaran’ is the famous tourist attraction of Bodrum. Its capacity is over 2 000 people. In the evening the party boat departs from the landing and you can dance all the night on its transparent floor making it possible to see the bottom of the sea illuminated by spotlights of the boat. At the lower deck of the boat there are pleasant chill-outs.

There is also a wonderful sight for lovers of history in Bodrum. It is the well preserved St. Peter`s Castle founded by the Johannites of Rhodes. As on Rhodes, they built there a strong castle in XV century. As well, there survived the Amphitheatre dating back to the times of ancient Halicarnassus.