In recent years, urban parks have been created in various cities of Russia, which are becoming fashionable art spaces of cities. Modern architects create a new level of comfort for the rest of the citizens. In this review on the online travel guide Geomerid you can read about the best urban parks in Russia:

1. Galitsky Park, Krasnodar
2. Zaryadye Park, Moscow
3. New Holland Park, St. Petersburg
4. Olympic Park, Sochi
5. Old Park, Kabardinka
6. Millennium Park, Kazan
7. Lopatinsky Garden, Smolensk
8. Flower Garden, Pyatigorsk

1.    Galitsky Park, Krasnodar

Galitsky Park was created before the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Krasnodar was one of the cities that hosted the World Cup. Simultaneously with the construction of a football stadium, entrepreneur Sergey Galitsky created a luxury Park nearby at his own expense. 

Officially, the Park is called "Krasnodar Football club Park", however, among the people, the Park is more often called by the name of its Creator – "Galitsky Park". Perhaps this name will become official one day. The area of Galitsky Park is 23 hectares. 13 hectares of the park are planted with trees. All the trees are planted so that in autumn the Park is beautifully painted with different colors.

The landscape design of the Park is unique for Russia. It is absolutely possible to say that the aesthetic pleasure of visiting it is no less than from the parks of the Imperial Palace complexes in Peterhof and Tsarskoye Selo. Galitsky Park reflects the current trends in Park architecture; it symbolizes a comfortable living environment in a large metropolis of the 21st century. 

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2.    Zaryadye Park, Moscow

Zaryadye Park was opened in 2017 near Red Square and the walls of the Moscow Kremlin. Zaryadye Park was created according all the trends of modern landscape architecture. The main idea of this Park was to create four climatic zones that exist in greater Russia: birch and coniferous forests, steppe, tundra and water meadows. Plants, shrubs, and trees typical of these areas are planted in these zones. 

Zaryadye is the name of one of the oldest districts of Moscow, which was formed near the walls of the Moscow Kremlin, so in the middle of the modern landscape design of Zaryadye Park, 5 churches of the 17th and 19th centuries have been preserved. The English courtyard was also preserved here. It is one of the oldest white-stone buildings in Moscow. It was built in the hipped roof style in 1553, under rule of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. A 140-meter arc was built over the Moscow river, which was called the "Floating Bridge".

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3. New Holland Park, St. Petersburg

New Holland Park is located in the historical center of St. Petersburg. It is located 1 kilometer from the Admiralty, and has been an integral part of it for several centuries. Nowadays, a magnificent park has been created here, which is considered one of the most fashionable art spaces of the northern capital. 

The New Holland Park is located on a triangular island bounded by the channels of the Moyka River, as well as the Kryukov Canal and the Admiralty Canal. The territory of New Holland is 7.8 hectares. On summer days, hundreds of locals and guests of the city always rest on the lawn here. Dozens of cafes are located in historical buildings. There are also offices of various design bureaus, exhibition and concert halls. Various events and concerts are regularly held in New Holland. Every year the festival "Summer in New Holland" takes place here. 

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4. Olympic Park, Sochi

The main attraction of the Olympic Sochi, the Olympic Park, is located in the Imereti lowland. The main events of the XXII Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi were held here. According to many reviews, this was one of the best Olympics, and various competitions are still held in the Olympic stadiums.

The Olympic Park is located in the Adler district and is separated from Central Sochi by the Mzymta river. Its area is 200 hectares, and the stadiums themselves are located directly on the Black Sea seafront. Medal Plaza is located in the center of the Olympic Park. There is a huge Olympic torch on it. Sochi Park is open next to the stadiums. This is an amusement Park with attractions. There is a Ferris wheel, museums, Dolphinarium, hotel complex Bogatyr. The Imereti embankment passes by Fisht stadium, where a lot of people always walk.

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5.    Old Park, Kabardinka

Between Gelendzhik and Novorossiysk is a small resort village Kabardinka. It houses an Old Park that has become become a very popular attraction for tourists who spend their holidays on the Black Sea coast from Gelendzhik to Anapa. Every day many tourists come here to visit this place.

The Old Park in Kabardinka was founded in 2007 by Alexander Alekseev. It is a theme Park where pavilions and monuments from different eras, from different countries of the world, in different architectural styles are constructed on a small area. There are Egyptian pyramids, an ancient Greek temple with a statue of Zeus, a Gothic tower of a medieval castle, a Japanese Shinto temple, an Orthodox chapel of St. Nicholas and much more. In total, more than 20 buildings were built in the Old Park in the middle of a beautiful landscape park.

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6.    Millennium Park, Kazan

Having a stroll on Petersburg Street you may turn to the Millennium Park. The Millennium Park was created by the 1000th anniversary of Kazan on the shore of Low Kaban Lake.

The park surrounded by a carved fencing has an area of 6 hectares. The statues of winged serpents are at the seven gates of the park. These mythical creates are on the flag of Kazan. The alleys of the park meet at the huge cauldron fountain with a diameter of 36 meters. The fountain jets of 17 meters personify the legend about the foundation of Kazan. The fountain is surrounded by small winged serpents.

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7.    Lopatinsky Garden, Smolensk

The Lopatinskiy Garden is in the south-western part of the historical center of the city, on the site of the Royal Bastion, which was the strongest fortification of the Smolensk fortress. Today it is a beautiful landscape recreational park of Smolensk. It has many historical monuments, the fortified wall, canals and amusement rides.

A garden appeared on this place in 1873. The garden was created on initiative of the governor of Smolensk, Alexander Lopatin, and later was given his name. Initially, the garden was within the borders of the earthen fortifications of the bastion. A restaurant and a summer theatre are in the central part of the garden. The slopes of the earth banks are decorated by pavilions and flowerbeds. Also, the defensive moats were turned into canals and a pond. Now one can have a boat ride there. The earth banks were connected by a small bridge called the «bridge of sighs».

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8.    Flower Garden, Pyatigorsk

Flower garden has always been one of the favorite places of all vacationers in Pyatigorsk. Actually, the park is in the center of the city and is within walking distance from nearly all main sights of Pyatigorsk. At the beginning of the 19 century it was a area swamped by the waters flowing down the slope of Mashuk mount, however, on the initiative of general George Emmanuel, it was decided to create a park there. 

In 1828 the Brothers Bernardacci, the Italian architects, were commissioned with the task to improve the area, which resulted in the appearance of two «flower gardens». In 1902 the Lermontov Gallery was built in the center of the Flower garden. Its structure is similar to that of the Pushkin Gallery in Zheleznovodsk. The other part of the gallery is designed for exhibitions. The Lermontov Gallery is surrounded by the other sights of the Flower garden. They are: Yermolov`s and Lermontov`s (in the recent years closed for reconstruction) baths, and Lermontov`s spring.

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9. Park 30 anniversary of Victory, Anapa

Park 30 anniversary of Victory is located in the historical center of Anapa. It opens onto the Anapa Embankment, creating a single entertainment and gastronomic zone with it. Also nearby is the Golden Beach Water Park, which is one of the largest on the Black Sea coast of Russia. 

The Park 30 anniversary of Victory was created in 1975. Then it was just a park with alleys for walking, but over time it became the main entertainment area of the city. Children`s attractions have appeared in different parts of the park. Near the park there is a Ferris wheel. From the top you can see the entire city center, as well as the Central beach of Anapa. In summer it is always crowded with people.  In the park there is one of the entrances to the Golden Beach Water Park, which is visited by many people every day. 

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10. Olymp Park, Gelendzhik

Olymp Park is located on the top of the Markotkh mountain range directly above Gelendzhik. You can go up here by cable car to enjoy the beautiful views of Gelendzhik, the sea and the Caucasus mountains, which are not very high here.The mountain range where the upper part of Olymp Park is located rises more than 400 meters above sea level. A large Orthodox cross is placed on a platform that stands out a hundred meters to the sea from the ridge. 

In the lower part of Olymp Park there are various entertainment venues, cafes, bowling, crocodile farm, etc. There are walking paths around the pond, and in the depths of the forest there are two dolmens, but these are not historical megaliths, but modern models. Events and parties are often held here.Various rides are located at the top of the Park, including the Ferris wheel. You can see there all the surroundings of the Markotkh ridge.

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