Denmark attractions

Denmark is a small country of Jutland, with its capital being located on the island of Zealand. When going over the streets of Copenhagen you often recall the fairy-tales of Andersen you`ve certainly read in your childhood.

Copenhagen is the capital of this Scandinavian country. The same way as its Little Mermaid, which is the symbol of the city, many streets and houses appear fantastic. The embankments of Copenhagen and Nyhavn (New Harbour) canal are also very beautiful. Also, you should saunter on the pedestrian Stroget Street and visit Rosenborg Castle. Tivoli Gardens (or simply Tivoli) is the world`s famous amusement park of Copenhagen. It is a favorite resting place of both the natives and tourists.

One of the primary sights of the country is Kronborg Castle. Shakespearian “Hamlet” made it known all over the world. As all tourists want to see the habitat of the ghost of Hamlet`s father.

Another historical site, Christiansborg Palace, has for a long time been a residence of Danish royal dynasty, and now it is the sitting place of Danish Parliament. Also it is annually visited by a great number of tourists.