There are many interesting structures and houses at Kuskovo, but surely the pavilion «Grotto» occupies a special place among them. It was built in 1756 under the guidance of a serf architect Fyodor Argunov.

Such pavilions were widely popular in the Mediterranean countries. They were intended to protect you from the hot sun. The Kuskovo pavilion was built for similar purposes.

The pavilion itself was built in the style of baroque and its interior was created by the best foreign masters. The walls and ceilings of the pavilion were finished with ground nacreshells, colorful glass, tuff and marble. There were fountains, pictures and statues from seashells in the grotto. The pavilion «Grotto» looks like an underwater cave where it will be pleasant to rest in a hot day.

The pavilion «Grotto» is one of the few Russian park pavilions, which finishing remained intact from 18 century, so it has not only an aesthetic but also a significant historical value.