Kiselev rock in Tuapse photo

Kiselev rock is one of the most beautiful natural monuments on The Black Sea coast. It is located in the Kadosh forest, 4 kilometers North of Tuapse. This sheer rock consists of marl slabs. Next to it there is a beautiful beach where many tourists come.

If you are vacationing in the resorts located between Dzhubga and Lazarevsky (50 km West or East of Tuapse), it is very desirable to plan 1 day to go to Beach near Kiselev Rock and spend the whole day here. In this place, you can swim on a clean beach, away from all settlements, and walk through the relict Kadosh forest, where many pines and oaks grow.

The rock is named after the artist Alexander Kiselev, who in the second half of the 19th century lived in Tuapse and painted local landscapes. He loved to spend time in the vicinity of this rock, and it can be seen in many of his works.

Parking is located 700 meters from Kiselev rock. The road goes through an oak grove, where the car camp is located. Going to the edge of the cliff, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the rocky coast of the Black sea. The beach where all tourists swim is located on the Eastern side of Kiselev Rock. A steep but accessible path leads to it, even for children. The last 10 meters will need to go down the stairs.

You can also go down to the beach on the Western side of Kiselev Rock, but the path is much steeper there. Here you will have to go down, clinging to the rope. Only people with good physical fitness can do this. At a distance of 700 meters from the Kiselev rock on the Western side are the so-called Mouse Holes - grottos in the rock that the surf waves knocked out in the marl slabs.