Latvia attractions

Latvia is on the coast of the Baltic Sea. As every other country of this region, Latvia has good opportunities of secure holidays in coastal pine woods. As coastal area of most local resorts is sandy dunes covered with bushes and pine trees. This creates a peculiar atmosphere of comfort and security. As a rule, only those who like clean air, silence and hiking go there.

However, near Riga there are also resorts which are more actively visited in July and August. Jurmala is the main resort city of Latvia. It is a small green city mostly consisting of various hotels. There are a lot of young people spending their time at noisy night club parties. Also, there are many married couples from nearby countries who don’t want to go to distant resorts but prefer to spend their vacations not far from home.

Riga is 40 km of the sea. The capital of Latvia is a relatively small city, so every one who prefers passive rest can enjoy walking around its old quarters. In the center of the city there is Domsky Cathedral where you can enjoy organ music.