The region of Middle East is in the west of Asia. It includes such countries as Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, northern regions of Saudi Arabia and, partially, Egypt. For two of these countries, Israel and Egypt, tourism is an important item of national income.
Israel is the most developed country in the region. And of course, touristically, it is one of the most interesting countries in the world. You must visit this country. No one can be left impassive by the Biblical places of Israel.

You should start your travel over Israel from Jerusalem. This city is sacred for three world religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. You can`t apply such criteria as «attractive-unattractive» to this city. Jerusalem has quite different energetics. His history isn’t a set of construction dates of palaces and temples, but it is the history of mankind, modern civilization and Christianity.

The Old Town of Jerusalem was built by the emperor Hadrian in 110 A.D, and since that time it has never been rebuilt. Literally, at every step you can see religious sacred places. The Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosques, which are sacred places for Islam, are at the Temple Mount. And at the foot of the Temple Mount the Jew make their prayers at the Wail-ing Wall, which is originally a section of the western wall of Herod`s Temple or the Second Temple.

There are also a lot of Christian sacred places in Jerusalem. Lord`s Tomb Temple located on Mount Calvary or Golgotha is one of them. This temple is on the site where the world`s famous events took place: the Crucifixion, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, - that were then laid in the foundation of Christianity. On Golgotha you can see the place where the Cross of Christ was put, and at nearby chapel better known as Kuvuklia you can enter the burial chamber where the body of Christ was kept until his glorious Resurrection.

Apart from Lord`s Tomb Temple, you should go to the Garden of the Gethsemane where the body of Our Lady was buried, and where Judas betrayed Christ. Olive trees growing in the garden are over two thousand years old. They are the same trees under which shadow Judas betrayed Christ. If you doubt it, you just look at the trees for yourself. As well, you should climb the Olive Mount from where you can have a magnificent view of the Old Town of Jerusalem.

After Israel, Jordan is the second country with interesting history. There are also a lot of places related to Biblical events in this country, however, the ancient city of Petra is still the main attraction of Jordan. Petra is 30 kilometers to the south-east of the Dead Sea. You can consider this lost city as a new wonder of the world. It takes a whole day to look around this ancient city.
Dead Sea is the most interesting place in Middle East. In the north of this sea, Jordan side, there located resort Suweyma (4 hotels), and at the southernmost tip of the sea, Israel side, there located resort Ein-Bokek (11 hotels). You must go to the Dead Sea. You`ll never forget your bathing in the waters of the Dead Sea.

Partially, Egypt also belongs to the region of Middle East. Its resorts are recognized by all lovers of beach vacations. Probably, every European at least once has been to Sharm El-Sheikh or Hurghada. However, Egypt is noted not only for its resorts. Historical sites of this ancient civilization have always attracted tourists from all over the world. The most significant monuments of antiquity are the Pyramids of Giza, Abu-Simbel and Philae Island at Aswan, as well as the temples of Karnak and Luxor, Ramesseum, Medinet-Abu, and the Valley of Kings.

It will also be very interesting for those who love historical mysteries to visit the Baalbek Temple in Lebanon. This temple is located in the Beqaa Valley, 80 kilometers to the north-east of Beirut. If scientists can somehow explain how the Pyramids of Giza and stone idols of Easter Island also known as moai (in both cases stone blocks of 60-80 tonnes were processed and transported), they still can give no answer as to how stone blocks of Baalbek weighing up to 800 tonnes could be put in place. As even today cranes can`t lift and move such heavy blocks of stone. You can also go to Qadisha Valley and see the Cedars of the Lord, which is near Baalbek Temple.

Dubai is one of the most famous resort areas of Middle East. This city located on the coast of the Persian Gulf is noted for its magnificent hotels and inexpensive shopping.