North of Spain attractions

On the Geo Meridian online travel guide ( the "North of Spain" region consists of 7 districts that are located in the Northern part of Spain from Aragon to the Santiago de Compostela in the Atlantic coast.

The North of Spain includes districts: Galicia (Santiago de Compostela), Castile and Leon (Leon), Asturias (Oviedo), Cantabria (Santander), Rioja (Logrono), Basque Country (Bilbao), Navarre (Pamplona).

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims travel from the French city of San Jean-Pierre de Po to the Spanish Santiago de Compostela along El Camino trail (the Saint James trail). The trail is branched, but the main route leads through the Northern regions. All pilgrims go to worship the grave of Saint James, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, in Santiago to Compostella.

It is very interesting to visit Bilbao and get acquainted with modern art. In Pamplona, it is better to come to the San Fermin festival, where hundreds of people run through the city streets ahead of a herd of bulls. There are excellent opportunities for gastronomic tourism in the Rioja Region. In San Sebastian, you can relax on one of the best urban beaches in Spain.