Norway attractions

Norway is the northernmost European country. From one hand it isn’t good for tourists who prefer to spend their vacations on the beaches. Surely, the country has no opportunities for such type of recreation. But it can offer exceptionally beautiful landscapes of fiords, waterfalls and mountains instead. And they can give you a lot of singular impressions.

Those who aren’t prepared for numerous and tiring mountain trips can travel on some cruise liner. Of course, it can give you some impression of the fiords, but a lot of their beauties will be lost for you. So, it would be fine if you were ready for certain inconveniences. As only if you travel in a car, you can fully feel the beauty of northern nature.

One of the greatest attractions of Norway is its mountain waterfalls. You could spend a lot of film for such beauty. But don’t be too hasty. During your travels over the country you`ll see several hundreds of waterfall and all of them are exceptionally beautiful. This is all Norway!

Geirangerfjord is considered to be the most beautiful fiord in Norway. It is a part of the other larger fiord. You should stay in the village Geiranger. It has many different hotels, hostels and simple houses. And what is more, it’s the only starting points for trips to this magnificent fiord. You can sail down there in some pleasure boat. You should visit Dalsnibba (its altitude is 1500 meters) giving you a wonderful view of Geirangerfiord and nearby mountains. There is snow and ice even in summer in this place.

From Geiranger you can easily get to the «Troll`s Road». If you have a car you are sure to go there. And during the short trip you`ll have an opportunity to enjoy the most picturesque landscapes, such as waterfalls, glaciers, frozen lakes, and rapid mountain rivers. However, the Troll`s Road is really the most impressive of all these natural sites. It is a gigantic serpentine road with two magnificent waterfalls on both its sides. And you seem to be an ant at the background of this grandeur.

Neirofjord is the narrowest and most beautiful fiord, after Geirangerfjord. It is not far from the village Flom. There you can take a boat to this splendid natural site. The largest tourist attraction of the country, Flomsbahn or Flom Railway, is also in this village. It is generally included in all tourist itineraries, but private car would give you an opportunity to see much more beautiful landscapes. And if you have a car you can combine visiting Neirofjord and Geirangerfjord in a single trip.

Lisefjord is also rather attractive with its famous Pulpit Rock. The other fiords aren’t so beautiful. And you should start your fiord voyages from Bergen, which is also a fairly nice city and you must stay there for at least a day. So, you`d better fly directly to this city, as the capital of Norway, Oslo, has almost no special tourist attractions.