Poland attractions

Poland is one of the largest countries of Eastern Europe. Its northern border is washed by the Baltic Sea, but bathing period isn’t too long there, so seaside resorts aren’t the main attraction of the country.

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. One can visit there its Old Town. There are many beautiful palaces and churches, as well as curious common buildings. One of the most interesting castles of Poland, Marienburg Castle (often called Malbork), is north of Warsaw, not far from Gdansk. It was the residence of Teutonic Order built in 1276.

The most beautiful city of Poland can be Krakow, which once has been its capital. Its Old Town is near the Marker Place. And there you can see Mariacki kostel (a Catholic church) and many other temples and buildings. But the main historical site of the city is Wawel Castle, situated on the high bank of the Visla.

Just in the center of Krakow is one of the most famous limestone caves of the country, Smocza Jama (Dragon`s Den). It isn’t especially interesting except the legend of the dragon which once abode there. Not the least famous is the Cave of Wieliczka, which is the ancient salt mine of 900 years old. Now, it is a tourist`s attraction and a masterpiece of art in itself.

There is Belovezhski National Park on the border with Belarus. It is the remains of primeval forest, which has once covered most part of Europe. Now one can see wisents (European bison) and gigantic trees there.

In the southernmost part of the country, in the Tatras, there is Zakopane. Zakopane is mostly a downhill skiing resort, so it is especially popular in winter, but in summer you can also have a good holiday there enjoying wonderful mountain landscapes.