Pyramids in Giza attractions

Probably every tourist dream to visit this famous historical complex. Someone may perceive it as a large bazaar crowded with tourists and tradesmen. And partially they are right, so you should disengage yourself from the bustle at the entrance of the complex and go direct to the pyramids. And there you`ll have an opportunity to quietly enjoy the pyramids and try to understand their mystery.

It is the only World`s Wonder which has survived until our time. The rest of architectural masterpieces of the ancient world were either obliterated (the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, the Colossus of Rhodes, the Statue of Zeus Olympian), or almost fully ruined (the Temple of Arthemide at Ephesus, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus).

For many centuries pyramids have attracted not only common people but also scientists, which tried to solve the riddles and mysteries connected with these magnificent constructions. It is said that pyramids were constructed with the help of rather primitive tools, but then how could they get such precision. Pyramids are built on carefully measured foundations, with offsets not exceeding two centimeters. Each side of its square foundations is 227 long, and moreover each side is strictly adjusted on the cardinal directions.

Construction tools are of special interest. As stone slabs the pyramids are made of are fitted with incredible exactness for such primitive tools. Even more mysterious is the matter of cutting and drilling equipment, used for pyramids and other articles found in Giza. So far there are no devices which could cut and drill granite or basalt with such amazing precision.

There are two roads at entrance of Giza complex. The left-hand road leads to the Sphinx. Formerly, there was a temple in front of the Sphinx. Having passed the site you can enjoy the Sphinx in all its magnificence from the high observation deck.

After the Sphinx you may go on the road leading to the Pyramid of Cheops (right-hand one if you face the Sphinx). You can get there by foot. Close to the pyramid there is a white building where the Sun Boat is stored, which was found near the pyramid. It was by it that the pharaohs should start to the other world. The largest pyramid is that of Khufu (or Cheops). Originally it reached the height of 147 meters, but after the fall of upper blocks, its height was reduced to 138 meters. Unfortunately, its facing hasn’t survived.

Nearby (160 m) there is the Pyramid of Chefren. Its height is 136 meters, and its run is 210 meters. Near the top of the pyramid there survived the original facing. The Pyramid is diagonally located from the Pyramid of Cheops, from north-east to south-east. Ни одна не заслоняет солнце от другой. 

The relatively modest-sized Pyramid of Mykerinos (200 meters of the Pyramid of Chefren) is only 62 meters high. Not far from it there are another 3 small pyramids designed for the wives of the pharaohs.

Sphinx is not the least important sight of Giza. It has always been the matter of mystery and riddle. It was erected simultaneously with the Pyramid of Chefren. Sphinx is a lion with human head, which is believed to be that of pharaoh Chefren himself. The Sphinx was carved from the rock. Its length is 74 meters, and its height is 21 meters.

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Gaze of sphinxe is especially expressive at sunset
The Great Pyramid of Cheops (146 meters). It is the highest pyramid of Giza built in 2590 B.C.
The Pyramid of Khafre, also known as the Pyramid of Chefren (136 meters) was built in 2550 B.C. 40 years after the Great Pyramid of Cheops
The Pyramid of Menkaure is much smaller than the pyramids of Cheops and Chephren. Its height is 62 meters.
In ancient Egypt the surface of the pyramid was covered with polished slabs. The slabs didn`t survive until our time.
People against the background of the pyramid of Chephren give a notion of the scale of these structures
Lower blocks in the base of the pyramid reach a man`s height
The Pyramid of Chephren
Sphinxe against the background of the Pyramid of Chephren
Sphinxe. The sphinxe is 20 meters high and 73 meters long.
Sphinx`s nose was damaged by a Sufi fanatic Muhammad Said al-Dahom in 1378
Pyramids of Chephren and Cheops at sunset
There are three smaller pyramids near the pyramid of Cheops
Pyramids of Giza at sunset
You can ride in a horse cart on the roads between the pyramids
There remained some facing slabs at the top of the pyramid of Chephren
There remained some facing slabs at the top of the pyramid of Chephren
There remained some facing slabs at the top of the pyramid of Chephren
The remained no original facing on the surface of the pyramid of Cheops
Remains of the buildings near the pyramid of Cheops
The Great Pyramid of Cheops
The highest pyramid of Cheops
Sunset over the pyramids of Giza
Entrance to the area of pyramids and sphinxe