The Renterei (Treasury Chamber) is one of the most famous and very specific buildings of the Tobolsk Kremlin. It also was the strongest and most fireproof building of the Tobolsk Kremlin. For this reason it was just there that the treasury of Siberian province was stored, as well as furs, which were the main treasure of Siberia.

The construction of the Renterei designed by Remezov began in 1714. The building was located between steep hills and its arches were used as a kind of an entrance to the Kremlin on the side of the Pryamskoy Vzvoz and the marketplace of the Nizhny Posad.

The beautiful building of the Renterei is a mix of the styles of Old Russian and Gothic architecture. It was built by the Swedish soldiers, which were took prisoners after the Battle of Poltava. All these soldiers were exiled in Tobolsk where they took part in the construction of the stone buildings of the Tobolsk Kremlin, including the Renterei. The Renterei was even called the Swedish chamber.