Resort Park in Kislovodsk

Kislovodsk Resort Park covers 950 hectares and is the biggest park in Russia and the second biggest park in Europe. A wide variety of trees and flowers – over 250 species – makes it very beautiful. And in the Rose Valley park one can enjoy the view of tens of species of blooming roses.

The resort park begins near the Narzan Gallery, with nearby colonnade being its front entrance. The embankment stretches along the Olkhovka river in the lower part of the resort park. This part of the park is more like a boulevard with branching alleys. It is called the Lower or Old resort park.

Terrainkurs with a steep ascend on the mountain begin near the Pushkin monument. Terrainkur is a path for walking training, which was prescribed for all those who took their treatment at the sanatoriums of Mineralnye Vody. The distances of walking training were specified by the doctors, and on the terrainkurs there were distance markers.

Altogether, in the Resort park there are 6 terrainkurs (paths) with a length from 1700 to 6000 meters. All of them lead on the Red Sun mountain with a fairly big height difference. On the way one can see various stone compositions, groves of decorative trees, organized rest areas.

The Rose Valley is quite rightly considered the center of the Resort park. This beautiful highland valley was improved and has been planted every year by tens of rose species flourishing in the second half of summer. Sun Temple is over the Rose Valley. Near it is the cableway one can use to ascend to the highest point of the Resort park – the Small Saddle mountain.

If you want to have a foot walk over the Resort park (not using the cableway), you should limit yourself to a walk to the Red Sun mountain. It is the Route #2. The route runs mostly through pine groves, and from the lookout of the Red Sun mountain one can have a splendid view of the park at the foot of the mountain.