Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam photo

Rijksmuseum is the major museum of the Netherlands and one of the largest museums in the world. It occupies a large space on Museumstr in the south of old city. Rijksmuseum was opened in 1808. 50 years later, when its older building could no longer contain all its collections, there was built a new building.

There is a huge collection of painters in Rijksmuseum ranging from the earliest periods to our days. One day wouldn’t be enough to see all the masterpieces of Rijksmuseum, so you should take mini-guides and choose the most interesting halls. In the first place, you must see the works of Rembrandt, including his most famous «Night Watch». 

Certainly, you should see the pictures of some other well-known Dutch and Flemish painters, such as Rubens, Van Dyck, Frans Hals, and Van Ruisdal. There are also not the least interesting painting collections of other European and Asian artists.