Rimini-Riccione attractions

One of the best Italian resorts on Adriatic Coast is located in a small town Rimini. Moreover, for the last ten years it has become the most popular youth resort in Italy, so if you would like to combine the natural beauties of Italy with clubbing, you should go to Rimini, or better to Riccione, which is southward of Rimini.

Rimini is a beautiful resort city. It has a small Old Town and resort zone stretching along the beach of 20 kilometers. As in the case of most such resorts (Lido di Jesolo, Lignano, Ra-pallo) most of two thousand hotels in Rimini are rated as 2-3-Star ones. At the same time, the prices are fairly high, so be prepared to it in advance and don’t try to compare the prices and service of Italian and Turkish resorts (or otherwise you may be upset). Rimini has also several 4-Star hotels and only one 5-Star establishment, Grand Hotel.

Recently Rimini has virtually been merged with another resort Riccione now forming a single recreation zone. However, Riccione is much smaller than Rimini, it was a popular resort since the times of Mussolini, who spend there every summer. He had his own house in the town. Today there are about five hundred hotels. But neither of these hotels has its own territory.

Both Rimini and Riccione have main promenades with restaurants, bars and shops. There are always a lot of walking tourists. The beach of Rimini is at least 30 meters wide and about 20 kilometers long. Most of the plages are privately owned, that is, you`ll have to pay for en-trance and deck-chairs.

Night life is very active in Rimini and especially in Riccione, however, it has its own specif-ics. There are no Bar Streets, as in Aya-Napa or Mikonos, where all amusement establish-ments are within walking distance of each other. The hottest spots of Rimini are around the only 5-Star accommodation, Grand Hotel. The club Lady Godiva, which is famous for its erot-ic shows, is also there. As to the main dance clubs, you should take a cab to get to any of them from most districts of the city.

At high season so called ‘disco’ bus routes of Bonelli Bus are active. They connect hotel districts with club zones. You can know the routes by their color, for example, blue buses go along the coast and yellow buses go to Cavignano.

As regards to the clubs outside Rimini-Riccione you may single out Pascia (on the outskirts of Rimini), Paradiso (far from the coast on the way to San Marino), Carnaby, Peter Pan, Valla delle Rose, Classic Club (gay club), Coconut, and Baia Imperiale.

In Riccione most discos are on the coast, and some of them are open-air. It is convenient for those who don’t like posh, expensive clubs but can be quite satisfied with disco clubs with good pop music. So, if you want relaxation and comfort, as well as merry clubs, which can be reached without a cab, you`d better stay somewhere in Piazetta, Riccione.

In spite of great number of clubs and active night life, when in Rimini-Riccione, you must make a tour of at least the nearby cities of Italy. San Marino is a curious city in the immediate vicinity of Rimini. It has a medieval castle located on the high hill from which you may see a wonderful panorama of Emilia-Romagna.

Also, you should think about visiting two most interesting cities of Italy, Florence and Venice, however, you`d better reserve two days for each trip, as travel time will be at least 3-4 hours one way. Not far from Venice there is a beautiful medieval town Siena. With a connection in Florence you may go as far as Rome, the most beautiful city of Europe.