The UK is divided into 4 large regions, which are called "Countries" or "provinces". Scotland and the surrounding Islands is the northernmost province. There are a huge number of castles and fortresses. 

There are many attractions from the medieval period in Edinburgh. Not only castles and museums are interesting, but also the old city districts in general. From here, you can travel by car to the castles of Scotland, scattered throughout the counties of Scotland. The most interesting of them are Eileen-Donan, Sterling, Kalyazin, Dunvegan.

A very interesting excursion tourists can make to the island of Skye, where you can enjoy the beauty of the harsh Northern nature. However, beautiful mountain landscapes and lakes can be seen in Scotland itself. Many tourists come to Loch Lomond and Loch-Ness lakes. In Scotland you can see the famous Fingal cave, which is located on the island of Staffa.