Sharm El-Sheikh resort in Egypt

Sharm El-Sheikh is one of the best tourist destinations for beach holidays in winter time, considering short travel time. While at all other European and Turkish resorts the sea is already cold in November-April, you can bathe at Sharm El-Sheikh nearly all round the year.

For several decades Sharm El-Sheikh has became the best resort in Egypt. It is superior not only in first-rate service and a great number of luxurious hotels. On both sides of Sharm El-Sheikh there are national parks - Ras Mohammed and Nabq. And mostly because of them this resort features crystal clean sea and smart beaches with snow-white sand and beautiful corals.

From the north Sharm El-Sheikh is shielded by Sinai Mountains, that’s why there are no strong winds in winter and the temperature of water is averagely 22-24°C even during the coldest winter months. No other continental resorts of Egypt can boast of such climate conditions, which are only due to relief specifics.

Sharm El-Sheikh has stretched along several bays of Sinai Peninsula. Traditionally, nearly all hotels of this resort have either four or five stars. Each of them has own beach, spacious territory (up to several hectares) overgrown with green plants, swimming-pools and every other tourist amenity. Most hotels are «all inclusive».

When choosing an hotel you must consider the fact that beaches of most hotels are located along a line of coral reefs. It means that the only convenient way to get to the sea is a pier, i.е. you will have to go several dozens of meters along the pier and then dive into the water from the stair or platforms. It is rather deep in that places and tidal waves can be fairly high. So, it isn’t suitable for children and those who prefer gently sloping banks.

Naama Bay has been completely cleared from corals. If you can afford to stay at one of hotels of Naama Bay, it will be the best variant. As to the other hotels, you should inquire about their beaches. Naama Bay is also convenient as nearly all entertainment facilities of Sharm El-Sheikh - restaurants, night clubs, shops and all other amusements - are concentrated just there.

Sharm El-Sheikh is one of the world`s best diving sites. Ras Mohammed National Park, which is only 25 km to the south of this resort, is perfect for scuba diving, for beginners as well as for trained divers. Also, it would be quite interesting to just swim with a mask.

The most popular excursions offered in Sharm El-Sheikh would be trips to Mount Sinai and St. Katherine`s Monastery (about two-hours). On Mount Sinai Moses supposedly received from the God the tables of covenant containing 10 commandments.

You can also go to Cairo. Pyramids, Sphinx, Cairo Museum – all of them are most interesting attractions of Egypt. However, you must be aware that bus tours, which are most often offered there, are very tiring. It takes a bus at least 6-7 hours to get to Cairo. If you are ready for independent journey, you`d better reserve a ticket at the web-site of EgyptAir (there are several daily flights to Cairo). You should spare at least 2 days for the journey, as you can spend a day only on pyramids. In Sharm El-Sheikh you can also take a plane to Luxor. For this trip you should also reserve at least 2 days.