Switzerland attractions

The country has always been associated with welfare and comfort life. And it hasn’t been affected by almost any war for a number of centuries.

Switzerland is in the centre of Europe. Alpine mountains take up most of its territory. This predetermined the kind of tourism developed in Switzerland. Everyone who is in for active mountain vacations, - skiing in winter and trekking in summer, - must visit this country at least once in their life.

The country has a highly developed tourist infrastructure. In any town you can find a hotel to any taste or budget. Also, there could be no problems with entertainments. There are a great number of well-equipped tourist routes in the mountains.

The main tourist centers are Zürich (center of the country) and Geneva (east of the country). Geneva is on the shore of famous Geneva Lake. From there one can easily get to numerous skiing resorts, located in the region of Swiss & French Alps, as well as to Montblanc and Matterhorn.

Zürich is the largest city of Switzerland. You can stay there for a couple days just to feel the life of this quite highland country. However, you can find no mountains there. On the shore of nearby Vierwaldstattersee or Luzern Lake there is a very pleasant town Luzern. It is very popular among tourists, but even there you can see only a glimpse of the Alps. And if you would like to see really beautiful mountain landscapes, you should go further south, though, you must be aware that there are no towns, but only small highland villages.

The most famous resorts, where the nobility has been resting for centuries, are in the Engadin Valley, in the south-east of Switzerland. St. Moritz is one of them.

Also, there are good resorts in the south-west of the country, not far from Jungfraujoch and Matterhorn. You can stay there in small towns of Interlaken and Vengen and make trips to highland Alpine valleys and meadows.

Some pleasant places are not far from Italy, in the environs of Lugano and Locarno. There you could combine your vacations with visiting Northern Italy, shops of Milan or numerous historical sites of the region. There are also a lot of skiing resorts.