The house of Apollon Zyryanov, a well-to-do peasant of Shushenskoye, is at the entrance to the museum reserve. It was in this house that a political exile Vladimir Lenin lived from May 8, 1897 through July 1898.

As is known, from Krasnoyarsk to Minusinsk Lenin sailed aboard the steamboat «Saint Nicholas», which is now also a memorial and is installed on the embankment of the Yenisei in Krasnoyarsk. Just on arriving from Krasnoyarsk to Shushenskoye Lenin rented a room in the house of Zyryanov. As Lenin was forbidden to work within his specialty, he was assigned a monthly allowance of 8 roubles, which he gave to Zyryanov for board and lodging.

The furnishings of the room of Lenin were reconstructed by the description of Zyryanov in 1939: «I put a wooden bed, a table and four chairs in the room. Later I made some bookshelves for him». Also, in the house there remained the furnishings of Zyryanov family: a big bright room, a kitchen and a bedroom. As everywhere, the yard of the house was divided into clean and black (household). In the yard there even remained the original cart Lenin used to go to Minusinsk in summer.

In May 1898 Nadezhda Krupskaya and her mother went to Lenin in Shushenskoye. They could no longer live in a single room, so they married in the local church and moved to the house of Petrova where they already rented several spacious rooms.