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Walk in Kolomenskoe estate

Kolomenskoye estate is one of the oldest in Moscow, and the Church of the Ascension (1532), which is included in the UNESCO Cultural heritage lists, is preserved here.
You can start your walk around the Kolomenskoye estate near the Museum of Wooden architecture, where the main Parking lot is located. Here you can see wooden churches and towers of fortresses from Siberian sites. Then you need to go to the Church of the Ascension. Tsar Ivan the Terrible loved to sit on its gallery and admire the view of the Moscow river. There is a beautiful Park around the Church. It contains the original wooden house of Peter I, where he lived during the construction of the fortress in Severodvinsk.
After that, you can go down to the embankment of the Moskva river and go into a Golosov ravine. This ravine is recognized as one of the most anomalous zones in Central Russia. Research scientists indicate a significant excess of the earth's electromagnetic field in the ravine.
The most remote attraction of the Kolomenskoye estate is the restored Tsar's Palace of Alexey Mikhailovich. This Palace was built in Kolomenskoye in the 17th century, but then because of its dilapidation it was dismantled. At the end of the 20th century, it was completely restored and is an interesting example of a Russian wooden Palace where the Tsar and his entourage lived.

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  • Total route duration : 1 day
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