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On a ship from St. Petersburg to Solovki

The cruise by ship from St. Petersburg to the Solovetsky Islands is one of the most interesting in the North-Western region of Russia. Here you can see wonderful cultural and historical sights, as well as the beauty of Karelian nature.
The ship departs from St. Petersburg and sails along the canal system along the southern shore of Lake Ladoga. Here you can see the fortresses of Old Ladoga and Schlisselburg. You can also visit the Alexander-Svirsky Monastery.
The main attraction on Lake Ladoga is the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery on the island of Valaam. Here the ship makes a long stop so that you can see not only the monastery, but also the monasteries scetes throughout the island, as well as the beautiful Karelian nature.
After the island of Valaam, the ship sails along the White Sea Channel to Lake Onega. There you will see the Kizhi Wooden Architecture Reserve, included in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List. It is located on one of the islands of Lake Onega.
On the Lower Vyg River, near the lock No. 10, there is an interesting attraction of Karelia – Voitsky Waterfall. However, cruise ships do not stop near it. You can only hear its noise.
Then the ship sails to the White Sea on the White Sea Channel. The final destination is the Solovetsky Islands, where one of the most majestic monasteries in Russia is located – the Solovetsky Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery. It is also called the Solovetsky Kremlin.
On Solovetsky Island, the ship makes a long stop so that tourists can see not only the Solovetsky Kremlin, but also the monasteries on the islands, as well as go to Bolshoy Zayatsky Island. After 1919, the most violent NKVD camp was located here. After that, this place was called Russian Calvary.

General information
  • Number of places to visit : 10
  • Total route duration : 6 days
  • Length of the route ~(km) :
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