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From Italy to Switzerland

During this trip, you will be able to see the most beautiful cities in northern Italy, then you will cross the pass of the Alpine Mountains near the city of Lugano and visit the two largest cities in Switzerland.

Start your trip in Venice; see the main sights in the area of St. Mark's Square and the Grand Canal. After that, go to the city of Verona, which is located 120 kilometers from Venice. There are interesting sights of the Roman era here. Verona is also called the city of lovers, since there are many places in Verona associated with Shakespeare's poem Romeo and Juliet.

160 kilometers from Verona is the city of Milan – the capital of world fashion. Visit the Milan Cathedral and take a walk through the most famous shopping center, which is located in the area of Monte Napoleone Street. Do not forget to visit the Sforza Castle.

The transfer from Milan to Zurich, through the Alpine Mountain pass in the Lugano area, will take about 3 hours. The distance is 280 kilometers. Zurich is the financial center of Switzerland. Most of the city's attractions are concentrated along the canal of the Limmat River.
From Zurich, you will move to the capital of Switzerland – the city of Bern. The distance is 120 kilometers. In Bern, take a walk through the perfectly preserved medieval city. It is trapped in a bend of the Aare River.

General information
  • Number of places to visit : 5
  • Total route duration : 6 days
  • Type of route : 0
  • Length of the route ~(km) :
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