Verona is a small city in the north of Italy, where you can see the sights of different eras, from Ancient Rome to the middle ages. Shakespeare`s play "Romeo and Juliet" also gives this city an aura of romance.

The best place to start your trip around the city is The very picturesque Castelvecchio (Old castle). It was built in the 14th century, turning Verona into an impregnable fortress. Now the castle is a wonderful Museum. 

The castle is connected to the other Bank by a beautiful Scaliger Bridge built in the 14th century. Not far from it is another ancient bridge, the Ponte Pietra, which was built in 89 BC.

The Roman amphitheatre in Verona, called the Arena di Verona, is one of the largest in the world. Moreover, if other amphitheatres are in ruins nowadays, the Verona amphitheatre is in good preservation and its acoustics are excellent. Every summer, the Arena hosts the famous Opera festival.

  The most romantic attraction in Verona is the house of Juliet. Thanks to Shakespeare`s play "Romeo and Juliet" Verona has become world famous, and this has affected the number of tourists coming here. 

The walls of the passage to Juliet`s house, which is called Arch of Love, are covered with messages from lovers to each other. In the courtyard is a house that in the past belonged to the Capello family, which is very consonant with the "Capuletti". Now there is a museum dedicated to Shakespeare`s play Romeo and Juliet. There are many interesting exhibits here. Although the most interesting is the house itself with a balcony. All the girls want to be photographed on the balcony, where Juliet listened to love confession from Romeo.

Verona is also home to several Gothic cathedrals built in the Middle ages. The main one is the Duomo. No less beautiful are the Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore, the Basilica of Saint Anastasia, and the Basilica of Santa Maria Antica. In the Franciscan monastery of San Francesco al Corso, you can see the crypt. According to legend, Juliet was buried there.

The Central square of the city is Piazza del Erbe. It is small in size, but very cozy. Here you can see medieval palaces and houses, and nearby stands the Lamberti Tower. This tower can be climbed to see the beautiful panorama of the historic center of Verona.

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Castelvecchio in Verona was built by the rulers of the city Seigneurs dela Scala in 1354
Scaligero bridge and Donjon - the highest and most powerful tower of the Castelvecchio in Verona
The balcony of Juliet`s house in Verona and the courtyard, which is always full of tourists
On the balcony of her home in Verona, Juliet listened to Romeo`s confessions. Now many girls want to be photographed here
Lovers write their messages in the Arch of Desires near the courtyard in front of Juliet`s house in Verona
Juliet`s house with a balcony is one of the most famous sights in Verona
Sculpture of Juliet in the courtyard of a house in Verona. Lovers need to touch the left breast of the statue to make their wishes come true
Arena di Verona - Roman amphitheatre in Verona, built in 30 AD during the Emperor Tiberius rule
The preservation of the Arena di Verona amphitheatre is very good. An Opera festival is held here every summer
The galleries and exits to the stands at the Arena di Verona have remained unchanged since the time of the Roman Emperor Tiberius
The Scaliger bridge in Verona is part of The Castelvecchio castle
Castelvecchio castle in Verona was built on the foundation of a Roman military fort
The brickwork of an ancient Roman Fort. Castelvecchio in Verona was built on its basis in the 14th century
The Royal court of The Castelvecchio castle in Verona
The Stone Bridge (Ponte Pietra) was built in Verona by the ancient Romans in 89 BС
Madonna of Verona fountain, installed in 1368 in the Piazza del Erbe in Verona
View of Piazza del Erbe in Verona from the top of the Lamberti Tower
The Palace of the Maffei on the Square del Erbe in Verona
The Porte Borsari gate is the facade of a 3rd-century Roman gatehouse that housed the soldiers barrack
The Palace of the Commune and the Lamberti Tower on Piazza del Erbe in Verona
The Commune Palace in Verona is built of red brick, which alternates with white tuff blocks
View of the Commune Palace and Lamberti tower from Piazza del Erbe in Verona
Piazza della Signoria (Square of the Rulers) - the political center of Verona
The monument to Dante in the Piazza della Signoria commemorates the famous poet`s stay in Verona when he was exiled from Florence
The Scaliger arches in Piazza Signoria are the tombs of members of the dela Scala family who ruled Verona in the Middle Ages
The Cathedral of Saint Anastasia was built in Verona in 1290
View of St. Anastasia Cathedral from the observation deck of the Lamberti tower in Verona