The gates Porta Borsari were built by the ancient Romans in the 1st century AD. Now we see not the gate itself, but only the original facade of the Roman-era building that was built above the gate. It served as a barracks for the soldiers who guarded the main gate of the city.

In Roman military camps, and later in cities, there were always two main streets: Decumanus Maximus (oriented from East to West) and Cardo Maximus (oriented from South to North). In 148 ad, the Romans built a Postumia road that ran from Genoa to Aquila. Its length reached 450 kilometers. 

In Verona Postumia road ran to this gate and inside the city was a Decumanus Maximus. In Roman times, the gate was called the Porta Iovia, because here the temple of Jupiter was located. The name of the Porta Borsari gate was given in the Middle Ages. That time Borsary called soldiers with big bags that collected tribute at the town`s gates.   

The Porta Borsari is made in three tiers. At the bottom are two arches that served as entrance gates. On the pediment of the lower tier, the inscription "245" and the ancient Roman name of the city are preserved: Colonia Verona Augusta.