The Scaliger bridge (Ponte dela Scala) is a part of The Castelvecchio. It was built in 1354 by Signor of Verona Congrande II dela Scala above the Adigio river, in the same architectural style as the castle. 

For a long time, the castle where the Scaliger family lived could only be entered through this bridge from the right Bank of the river. At the same time, in the Middle ages, Verona was located on the left Bank of the river. This location allowed the Scala family, in case of danger, to quickly cross the river and run to the Alps in the possession of The Holy Roman Emperor. He was a relative of the Scala family. 

Such precautions were not superfluous in medieval Italy, where the struggle between the Guelph parties (who supported the Pope) and the Ghibellines (who supported the Emperor) was very fierce. The crenellations on the bridge and walls of Castelvecchio in the form of swallowtails say that the city was part of the Ghibellines party. But the struggle went on with varying success.

The length of the bridge is 150 meters, and the Central span reaches 50 meters. In the middle ages, this was one of the longest span. The upper part of the bridge is made of red brick, and the lower part is lined with white marble.