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Palazzo Del Comune and Lamberti tower in Verona

The Palazzo Del Comune (Palace of the Municipality) was built in 1193. It faces the two main squares of the old city: Piazza della Signoria and Piazza del Erbe. The Palace is built of red brick, which alternates with white tuff blocks. 

This Palace is also called the Palazzo Regione, which means the Palace of Justice. During Venetian rule both city authorities and the court was located here. On the facade you can see the symbols of the Republic of Venice. Near the entrance, you can see the "lion`s mouth", where people could put their complaints about moneylender.

The inner courtyard called the Mercato Vecchio, which means Old market. People sold grain here. A huge Gothic staircase that was built in 1447 leads from the courtyard to the Palace. It is called the Ladder of Reason (The Ladder of Justice). 

The Lamberti Tower rises above the Commune Palace. The Lamberti tower is the tallest building in Verona. It reaches a height of 84 meters. On the top floor of the tower there is an observation deck where you can see a beautiful view of the historic center of Verona. You can go up the 368-step staircase or take the elevator. 

The Lamberti tower was built in 1172 by Boseno de Lamberti, a representative of one of the most powerful families in Verona. Only a few decades later (in 1193), the Palace of the Commune was built around the Lamberti tower. In the 13th century, two bells were placed on the tower. The great bell of Rengo called the people to meetings, and warned the city of danger. The Marangon bell chimed the works hours of the artisans and rang in the event of a fire.