Agadir is the most pleasant beach resort in Morocco, as it is one of the few cities having more or less adequate tourist infrastructure. And besides, it is on the coast of Atlantic Ocean. And you should consider this factor, if you like to bathe in warm seas. But Atlantic Ocean is rather ambiguous. It can be either quiet or boisterous. And it is rather risky to swim there in stormy weather, unless you are a good swimmer. In this case you`d better go to the swimming pool.

The main tourist attraction of the city is its beach. It is sufficiently large by itself and during low tides it gets even larger, so natives can play football on it. The beach has a lot of clean fine sand and no pebbles and stones, which make it comfortable to enter the water. There are 4-5-star hotels all along the beach. And if you want to have a really good vacation, you should choose one of these hotels.

Agadir has a very favorable climate, which is due to the Atlas Mountains, protecting it from hot winds of Sahara, and Canary Current, flowing all along the coast of the country. And even in winter temperature rarely falls below 20°C. However, the cold current won`t let water temperature rise too high until mid-June.