Aswan is the largest Egyptian city in the south of the country. Annually, it receives a great number of tourists. And though the city is considered to be winter resort, it has no adequate infrastructure. As to the city properly, called downtown, with population of over 270 000 people, by no means can it not be considered as resort. Aswan is a common Arabic city. 

The Nile is always dotted with tourist feluccas, and there is a Botanic Garden on the opposite side of the river which is actually a common park, and several other small sights. Traditionally, Aswan Dam is mentioned among the sight of the city, but it can hardly be of any interest to tourists. You have to stay there for 5-10 minutes to understand that tourists have nothing to do on the Dam.

Probably, the only reason for going to Aswan is visiting its two historical sites, namely, temples of Ramses in Abu Simbel and Philae. They are the most important constructions of ancient Egyptian civilization located in the south of the country.

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A lot Egyptian sailing boat feluccas sail in Aswan
The temples of Isis goddess on the island of Philae in Aswan was built under the Ptolemies in 350 BC
Large court between the Temple of Nectanebo I and the first pylon of the monumental Temple of Isis
Dozens of cruise ships are moored at the Aswan quay
Stone lions at the Gate of Ptolemy, the main entrance to the Temple of Isis
One of the main building in Aswan can be called the Movenpick Tower Hotel in the Elephantine Island
After the old Aswan dam near the rapids the Nile is very narrow and stream is fast
Felucca at the foot of the mountain, on top of it is the ancient tomb
The boats depart from the Aswan dock to carry tourists to the fillet island
The rocks which before the dam building create rapids of the Nile near Aswan
Along the Aswan-Luxor route dozens cruise ships ply, most of them are luxury five-star hotels
Cruise ships moored on the Corniche embankment in Aswan
Wide channel of the Nile in front of the old Aswan Dam, which is visible in the distance
High-rise restaurant of the Movenpick hotel in the Elephantine Island
At night the restaurant of the Movenpick hotel illuminated by neon
In the afternoon there are a lot of tourists go by felucca on the Nile
Ferries - boats, transporting people in Aswan, in the Elephantine island
Feluccas around the rocks, forming the first rapid of the Nile
An ancient tomb on the opposite side of the Nile from Aswan
Kitchener Island which the Botanic Garden on
Feluccas with tourists
Сompetition on maneuverability of the rudder feluccas
Typical landscape of Aswan
Travel boat puts off from the Isis Cornish hotel
Rocks of the first rapid Nile
Moored feluccas