The country is in the middle of Western Europe. And indeed, it takes only two or three hours to get from Brussels, which is the headquarters of EU, to many larger cities of Europe. Belgium is a fairly safe country with high standards of living. Most interesting tourist attractions are in such old cities as Brussels, Bruges and Ghent.

They are most beautiful and somewhat unusual cities of Belgium. You can also have a good rest in Ostend, which is the largest seaside resort of the country except for that the sea is «Northern». So, you can get a sun tan there only in some hot days of July or August.

Brussels is the capital of Belgium. It has an interesting Old Town, the heart of which is Grand Place. Not far from it there is the most famous sight of the city, Manneken Pis (peering boy.) There are also many entertainments in Brussels.

Ghent has many medieval historical sites. Ghent is surrounded by fields, so it is often called «flower city». Though, there are a lot of flowers on the streets of the city, as well as on the balconies of most houses. You must see Gravensteen, an impressive medieval castle which is very representative of the period.

Bruges is the most unusual city of Belgium. There are a lot of canals and no embankments in the city, the same way as in Venice, with facades opening just on the water. In Middle Ages Bruges was a prosperous seaport, rather one of the most well-to-do cities of that time. That’s why its Old Town is a single museum of canals, streets and old houses. And it seems as if dwarves abode in those tiny houses.

Antwerp is still one of the most important ports of Europe. Also, it is the global diamond center. As the other cities of Belgium, it has a very beautiful Old Town. Antwerp cathedral has the highest bell tower in the countries of Benelux.