The Big House, which Polenov designed and built in his estate, on the top of a hill above the Oka, fully retained its original appearance. It is made of wood alone but plastered and whitewashed, so it looks as if it were made of stone.

Polenov took some interest in architecture and was able to design a house for a large family, which was comfortable for everyone to live in. The house was also comfortable for his work. The house has asymmetrical features but all its facades look harmonious. 

You can describe some rooms as state-rooms, as in noble estates, but at the same time they were residential. The library is of a special interest in this respect. It is very richly decorated, including the mosaics of Vasnetsov. Also, it will be interesting to see the study of Polenov, a dining-room. In a small portrait room you can see portraits of all members of the Polenov family. On the first floor there is a large light workshop, as well as a landscape room.

In the house you can see interesting archaeological collections of artifacts from ancient Greece and ancient Egypt, gathered by the father of Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov. He was an archaeologist.