Chalk cliffs (pillars) are called Big Divy in national park Divnogorie. They are the most famous sights of the natural museum-reserve, which, thanks to them, was called Divnogorie.

Formerly, there were a lot of chalk pillars on the slope of the chalk mountains near the village Divnogorie, but, unfortunately, most of them were ruined during the construction of the nearby railroad. However, if you ascend a stair running along the slope of the mountain, then halfway you can see a group of chalk pillars called the Bolshiye Divy. 

The Bolshiye Divy reach the height of about 20 meters. By the stair you can ascend on the top of the chalk mountain, and then approach them from above. From that place you can have a picturesque view on the water meadows of the Don area, as well as the bed of the small river Tikhaya Sosna. From above you can easily climb up the Bolshiye Divy, but it is expressly forbidden.