Capri island attractions

Since the time of ancient Roman emperors this southern islet was a favourable resting place of nobility. Emperor Tiberius even chose it as the site for his constant residence, which was built at the top of a huge rock. It was then one of the most luxurious palaces.

Today Capri is one of the most glamorous resorts in Italy. All fashion houses of Italy have their stores there. The rule is here to put on jewellery for evening promenades, and there are photographers in the streets, which are eager to fill in gossip columns.

However, it doesn’t mean that if you have no jewellery or just don’t take in your travels, you shouldn’t go to the island. You just have to weigh the pros and cons of resort infrastructure, as well as vacation style, established on Capri.

One of the absolute advantages of Capri is its beautiful nature and mountain landscapes, which you can find in almost any corner of the island. Most tourists reserve only a day to see all this. However, you must admit that traditional itinerary including Augustus Gardens, Faraglioni Rocks, and Blue Grotto can not give you a full impression of the beauties of Capri. And to get the feel of Capri you must spend there at least several days.

The main disadvantage of the island is that its beaches are too small. Capri is a rocky island, and it has almost no adequate beaches, except occasional large boulders from which you can jump into the water.

There is a small beach near the landing but it is almost not used. Most tourists prefer the other beach, which is on the opposite side of the island. Both beaches are fairly small. But you can easily find there even a deck-chair.

There are two cities on the island – Capri and Anacapri. Of course, you should go to Capri. It has many hotels and adequate tourist infrastructure. One of the world`s most beautiful footpaths, the Via Krupp, connects it with the beach of Marina Bay.

The city of Capri is a very convenient starting point for tours of the island: the rocks of Faraglioni, the palace of Tiberius and many other sites. If you would like to see the island from the top of the highest mountain, you should go to Anacapri with its funicular (cableway). There you can have a magnificent view of the island, so you should go there by all means.

Blue Grotto is one of the curios sights of Capri. To get there you may take a boat at the main landing. When in grotto you can admire clear waters richly tinted with blue and azure.