The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is the main church of Vyazma. It is located on the high Cathedral Hill over the Vyazma river, on the site of the former Vyazma fortress. 

The first church of St. Nicholas was built on the territory of the fortified gorodishche in 12 century. The church was first mentioned in the «Life of St. Arcadius of Vyazma and Novy Torg». However, in the course of centuries the church was often ruined during the wars. 

The today cathedral was built for the money of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich in 1674 and was consecrated in honour of the Icon of the Holy Trinity. In 1812 the French troops used it as a salt store-house. As a result, the cathedral was severely damaged but it was restored already in 1815.

In 19 century the local merchants gave the money for the construction of the aisles of the Icon of the Iviron Mother of God where there was moved the copy of the Moscow miracle-making Icon of the Iviron Mother of God. As a result, on the Cathedral Hill there was formed a large church complex one can see today. In 2009 at the foot of the Cathedral Hill there was built the chapel of St. Arcadius of Vyazma.