Anatolia attractions

The eastern regions of Turkey are part of two regions – Central and Eastern Anatolia. There is not a large flow of tourists in this regions, as in the Mediterranean Sea region, however, there are many historical and natural sights in them.

Cappadocia is the most interesting place to visit in this area. This wonder of the world is known far beyond Turkey. On a large territory around the village of Göreme there are valleys with fanciful weathering rocks in the form of mushrooms. There are a lot of tracking routes. It will be very interesting to have a tour of the ancient monasteries and underground cities.

It is in this region that the modern capital of Turkey is located – the city of Ankara. The city is relatively young, but it has many museums. Konya has been the capital of the Seljuk Empire for over 200 years, so there remained many interesting sights in the city.

In Eastern Anatolia, the most interesting sights include Mount Nemrut, the Fortress of Van, the Zeugma Mosaic Museum in the town of Gaziantep, the Rumkale Fortress.

The natural sights of Anatolia are the legendary Mount Ararat, Lake Van, and Munzur Valley National Park. A popular ski resort is located in the area of Mount Erciyes. In the Karasu Valley you can see travertines similar to those of Pamukkale.