The City Garden of Rostov the Great is 500 meters from the Rostov Kremlin. This distance can be walked along the street of Podozerka, which stretches along the shore of Lake Nero. The Nativity Monastery is located between the Kremlin and the City Garden, but its temples are still in a very dilapidated state, their restoration is underway.  

The City Garden of Rostov has the shape of a quadrangle. Its area is 2 hectares (200 x 200 meters). The City Garden was created in 1830, opposite the Tax Collection Courtyard, which were the main shopping area of Rostov the Great. An orchestra played in the garden in the evenings, people walked along the embankment of Lake Nero, so the garden became a favorite place for citizens to relax. There used to be a lot of trees in the park, but now they are not preserved. 

In 2012, reconstruction was made in the Rostov City Garden. Beautiful art installations, flower beds and walking paths between them have been made here. The trees in the City Garden were planted recently. Shady alleys, as before, will appear in the garden in a few years. 

The embankment was restored on the shore of Lake Nero. The Rotunda, built at the beginning of the 20th century, has also been completely reconstructed. It is the pavilion where the orchestra used to play. Now the performances of the orchestras are held on another stage nearby. A playground with various trampolines and small attractions has also been created in the City Garden.