Embankment Corniche Road in Abu Dabi

Embankment Corniche Road stretches for about ten kilometers along the center of Abu Dhabi. It is a curious promenade where you can feel the spirit of the Arab city, which turned from a small bedouin village into a modern megalopolis for some 40 years.

Corniche Road begins at the Emirates Palace Hotel and stretches to the end of the Lulu Island, where there will be constructed the branches of the famous Louvre and the Guggenheim Museum. However, it will be very tiring to go along the whole embankment, and it will be better to choose the most beautiful sections for promenades and bathing.

One of the well-attended areas of Corniche Road is near the Emirates Palace Hotel. There is a public beach, as well as completely enclosed private beach. The beach is stretched along Corniche Road.

Generally, enclosed beaches are widely spread in Abu Dhabi, as there are the women`s days, and women traditionally bathe here away from the stranger`s eyes. It must be noted that a fence or canvas drawn along the beach spoils the appearance of the embankment. However, these are the traditions of the Arab city, and you must accept them.

The most beautiful section of Corniche Road is between two parks at the turn of Eastroad. Lake park and Formal park stretch for several kilometers along Corniche Road creating a single rest zone.