A drinking establishment unofficially called a tavern was in a small house on one of the streets of Shushenskoye. It had very simple if not ascetic layout.

A small porch with three steps is at the entrance to the tavern. The number of steps was limited by a special order of Catherine II, which was dictated by the care of the tipsy customers. 

A big bar counter is in the middle of the main room of the tavern. Taverns had then no furniture and you had to drink in the standing position. They also offered no meals. A barrel of wine and containers with vodka and the other hard liquors were on the bar counter. 

On the bar counter there were also all kinds of glassware for alcoholic beverages such as  shkalik (the smallest ones) and shtof (the biggest ones). Surely, there were also vats and buckets, but they were used for street sale.