On the Geomerid online travel guide ( the "East Germany" region consists of 6 lands that formerly were part of the GDR. The capital of Germany, Berlin, is located here, as well as the very beautiful city of Dresden.

""East Germany" includes the lands: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Schwerin), Brandenburg (Potsdam), Berlin, Saxony Anhalt (Magdeburg), Saxony (Dresden) and Thuringia (Erfurt).

There are many museums, castles and historical sites are located in Berlin and its suburb of Potsdam. The city of Dresden itself can be called a large Museum. Outside of Dresden you can visit the beautiful castles and the Bastei Mountains. In the North of the region in the Baltic Sea the island of Rugen and other resorts are located. There are many beautiful castles and cathedrals in Thuringia.