England attractions

The UK is divided into 4 large regions, which are called "countries" or "provinces". England is the largest province where most of the historical attractions are located.

Traditionally, tourists begin their trips at England in London and its surroundings. There are many interesting palaces, parks, museums and other attractions. A trip to Windsor Palace, as well as to Oxford and Cambridge will be very interesting. In Dover, you can see the sheer alabaster cliffs. There are dozens of interesting monuments on the territory of Stonehenge that have been preserved since the Neolithic period.

In the Northern counties of England, you can visit the cities of York, Canterbury, and Salisbury. Many people go to Sherwood Forest to see the thousand-year-old oak tree. There is a Museum dedicated to Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon. To the east of Newcastle is the famous Lake District is located.