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Holy Trinity Danilov Monastery in Pereslavl-Zalessky

The Holy Trinity Danilov Monastery was founded in 1508 by the monk Daniel. Today it is one of the most impressive and beautiful monasteries in Pereslavl. The monastery is on Moscow highway near the Feodorovsky Convent.

From an early age Daniel was a monk of the Borovsk Monastery of St. Paphnutius. Daniel returned to Pereslavl in 1491. At first he was a monk at the Nikitsky Monastery and then spent several decades at the Goritsky Assumption Monastery. He was a hegumen of this monastery for 30 year (1495-1525).

It is known that tsar Vasily III invited Daniel to become a godfather of his son Ivan, the future tsar Ivan the Terrible. Ivan the Terrible had 3 godfathers.

Daniel chose a curious task. He found the unnamed deceased on the roads and arranged for them a Christian burial. Daniel decided to found the Holy Trinity Danilov Monastery near the place of those burials in 1508.

There were erected several churches at the monastery during 16-17 centuries. The Church of St. Daniel is the main temple of the monastery. The relics of St. Daniel are kept at the altar of this church. The big impressive building of the Church of the Laudation of the Most Holy Theotokos with a refectory is near the Church of St. Daniel. It was erected in 1695. The Church of the Icon of Our Lady of Tikhvyn is above the big Holy Gate of the monastery.