The Kokuy Tower is in the south-western part of the Novgorod Kremlin. It is the only tower with three tiers, so it is easily recognizable. The height of the tower reaches 38 meters. One can have a wonderful view of the Kremlin, the Volkhov river and the Yaroslav`s Dvorishche from a viewing platform in the upper tier of the tower. By all means should you ascend to this tower.

The Kokuy Tower is also known as Kalancha or Kalanchevskaya. The first tier of the tower has a square shape. The upper two tiers are octagonal. The width of the wall of the first tier is 2 meters. Considering that the Kokuy Tower was the highest tower in the Novgorod Kremlin, it served as a watch tower.

Now the tower is occupied by several expositions devoted to the medieval household and military art in Novgorod. When you ascend to the city walls one can see its teeth have the form of a swallow tail, the same as those of the Moscow Kremlin.