The Krakow Town Hall Tower is located on the Main Market Square. It is open to the public. Inside the Town Hall tower there is a small museum, and at the top there is an observation deck with a beautiful view of the Old Town of Krakow.   

The City Hall of Krakow with a high tower began to be built in 1257, as soon as Krakow received the rights of self-government. The City Hall of Krakow is built on a Main Market Square in the Gothic style. The height of the Town Hall tower reaches 80 meters. The viewing point is located at an altitude of 50 meters indoors. You can look at the city through the windows with glass. Alas, they do not provide a good overview. 

The tower of the Krakow Town Hall has a deviation from the central axis. It`s not as big as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but still noticeable. This was due to damage to the tower as a result of a fire that occurred in 1680 after a lightning strike. The Town Hall building itself was also damaged, which was never fully restored.  

At the beginning of the 19th century, the authorities of Krakow decided to expand the Square of the Main Market. They demolished the old fortress walls, as well as the Town Hall building, however, they decided to preserve the Town Hall Tower and leave it as a attraction of the city.

In addition to the city administration bodies, the City court and the city treasury were located in the Town Hall of Krakow, and large basements were dug under the Tower of the Town Hall, which were used as a prison. This prison was called Dorotka. Now in this basement there is a Theater stage of the People`s Theater, as well as a coffee shop.  

At the foot of the Town Hall Tower, you can see a sculpture in the form of a huge iron head with swaddling clothes on its face. It is called "Bound Eros". The two-meter head is hollow inside; children are constantly playing in it. Nearby there is a huge building of the Cloth Rows of Krakow.