The walls and towers of the Kazan Kremlin look very beautiful from the river Kazanka and the Millennium Square, as it is from there that one can see the most beautiful buildings of the Kremlin.

The Kazan Kremlin is surrounded by a strong wall with 13 towers. These fortifications were erected by Pskov architects Jacob Postnik and Ivan Shiryay during 1556-62. These architects also built Annunciation cathedral at the Kazan Kremlin. Postnik, together with the architect Barma, also built the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed on Red Square in Moscow a year before that (in 1555).

Spasskaya (Savior Tower) Tower is the most beautiful tower of the Kazan Kremlin. Apart from being the main gate of the Kazan Kremlin, it was also used as a gate church (of Christ Not Made by Hand) and a bell tower. For these purposes two octagonal tiers (one for clock and the other for bells) were added to the tower in the 18th century. 

The other towers, round and square, remained as they were built by Pskov architects in the 16th century. On the side of the Millennium Square the Kremlin wall is open for tourists. You must have a walk along the wall of the Kazan Kremlin to have beautiful views of the Kremlin, as well as the historic center of Kazan.