When in Rostov, it is very desirable to plan a boat ride on Lake Nero. Sometimes the natives may offer boat tours of Lake Nero at the main entrance to the Rostov Kremlin. So don’t miss your opportunity. If no one will offer you a boat tour of the lake there, you will have to go to the shore of the lake.

From the boat you will see the churches of the Rostov Kremlin at the most advantageous angle. You can see the Russian backwater in all its splendour there. Also you should sail to Spaso-Yakovlevsky monastery, which is right on the lake. In good weather the walls and the cathedrals of the monastery are reflected in the water.

Lake Nero is the biggest natural water body of Yaroslavl region. The average area of the lake is 58 square kilometers but it changes depending on the season. The average depth of the lake is 1.5 meters. The lake has the maximum depth of 3 meters in its north-eastern part.

Lake Nero has a glacial origin so its bottom is covered by a very thick layer of organic slime or sapropel (from 5 to 20 meters). This centuries-old bottom deposits consists of the remains of water plants and living organisms, plankton, as well as organic matter. This mud is used at balneotherapeutic health resorts.

Lake Nero has a lot of fish, as it is the place of spawning and wintering of fish. Many people gladly come here to fish pikes, zanders, breams, perches and roaches (especially in winter).