Lenin Square is the main square of Voronezh. The architectural ensemble of the square was formed in the middle of the past century. As everywhere, in the center of the square was a big monument of Lenin against the background of a monumental building of the House of the Soviets.

The House of the Soviets was erected in 1953 in the course of the large-scale post-war reconstruction of the city. It was built in the strict classic style now called Stalin`s Empire style. The building is occupied by the administration of Voronezh region.

The big Koltsov`s public garden is across Plekhanovskaya Street opposite the House of the Soviets. It is also a part of Lenin Square. There are alleys and fountains at Koltsov`s public garden. A monument of Russian poet Koltsov, who was born in Voronezh in 1809, is at the public garden.

The building of the Voronezh Opera and Ballet Theatre, which was created in 1931, is on the right of the House of the Soviets. The hotel «Voronezh» built in 1939 is near the opera theatre. Above it is a clock tower.