Livadia Park was founded near the royal Livadia Palace in the middle of the 19th century. It has an area of 47 hectares and descends in terraces to the sea on the slope of Mount Mogabi. Livadia Park is considered one of the most beautiful landscape parks in Crimea. Here begins a Sunny path 7 km long, along which the Romanov royal family loved to walk along the seashore.

Since 1834, the estate in Livadia belonged to the Polish magnate Lev Pototski. The Park around the palace was laid back in those days. In 1860, Pototski`s heirs sold the estate to Maria Alexandrovna, the wife of Emperor Alexander II. The royal gardeners began to create a new Livadia Park. Near the palace there are elements of a regular layout with straight paths and decorative plants. However, most of the Livadia Park is made in landscape style. 

The first magnificent park in Crimea, where hundreds of exotic plants and trees were planted, was Vorontsov Park in Alupka. Considering that Livadia Park was created for the royal family, the gardeners also decided to plant exotic trees of more than 400 species here. There are Lebanese cedar, Himalayan cedar, giant sequoia from America and many other trees and plants from different continents. 

In Livadia Park there are many fountains, as well as gazebos, which became favorite places for various members of the royal family to relax. An 80-meter pergola has also been created here, which is a canopy covered with grapes. It was made in park so that members of royal family could walk in the cool on hot sunny days.  

There is a monument to Tsar Alexander III near the palace. Recently, a monument to Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill was erected here, which recreates the famous photo of the three leaders in the courtyard of the Livadia Palace during the Yalta Conference of 1945.