Mozhaisk was founded in 1239, 92 years after the foundation of Moscow. For some time it was the center of an independent principality, but already in 1303 it was included in the Moscow principality and became an outpost on its southwest borders.

Borodinskoye Field is the main attraction of Mozhaisk, but you should also go to the Sobornaya Gora to see the Mozhaisk kremlin and the Luzhetsky Monastery.

Today they usually go to Mozhaisk for the sake of Borodinskoye Field, which is 12 kilometers from the center of the city. The famous Battle of Borodino took place on this field in 1812. It is really an interesting place, where no one can remain indifferent. French tourists often come there to see the place of the dead-liest battle of the Napoleonic Wars.

If you want to see the historical center of Mozhaisk, you should go to the Sobornaya Gora where the city was founded. It was there that the ancient gorodishche of 12 century was discovered. However, the buildings of the Mozhaisk kremlin date back only to 18 century. 

There you can see a very beautiful Gothic cathedral of St. Nicholas. It is not far from the Cathedral of Peter and Paul and the earth fortifications. From the cathedral one can go down to the foot of the hill to look around the Old Town. Unfortunately, excepting the above mentioned cathedrals, there remained no other buildings. 

Luzhetsky Monastery is on the bank of the Moscow river. It was established by a monk Therapont of Belozersk. As is known, Therapont was originally a monk of the Simonov Monastery in Moscow, but then he went to the Vologda Region, where he established the Belozersky Monastery famous for its frescoes of Dionysius. In 1408 he returned to Moscow and establishes the Luzhetsky Monastery in Mozhaisk.