The museum «Marine Königsberg-Kaliningrad» is located in a place, where for several centuries was a river port near Kant island on the bank of the Pregel river. At the port there were loaded the ships, which were actively used for trade with many European countries. 

The museum «Marine Königsberg-Kaliningrad» occupies a packhouse (warehouse) of 19 century.The hulk of a wooden ship dating back to 19 century is in the middle of a large room. Königsberg merchants used to sail on such ships in European countries. It was discovered in the pit of the Amber Factory in the urban settlement Yantarny. 

At the museum one can see an interesting exposition devoted to trade ties of Königsberg. Although the city was situated on the bank of the river actually it was a sea port. «Kant`s bench» is near the packhouse. The great German philosopher liked to walk in this district. At the set of life he often came in the port, sat down on the bench and watched the work of dockers. He said: «To see the world you need not leave Königsberg - it will be enough to come in the port and see it!».